Friday, May 22, 2009

Car cranking long from a distance.

I was on my computer surfing the web and then I heard a car trying to start. It was the lot porters with a used Saturn from trade in. They were using it temporarily to just get around this big dealership.

Anyway, the car would not start, they were cranking the shit out of it. I was surprised the starter didn't go out. So I walked over to check the car out. I said does it have fuel? A mexican guy I'll call Cisco said yes, filled it up this morning. I looked at the gauge just to confirm.

Then I said to Cisco to just place his finger on the fuel pump relay in the junction box, next to the engine to feel if there is a click when I crank the motor. He was hesitant and speaking somethiing in spanish not directly to me. I think he said he does'nt want to get shock. A salesman watching understood what he said and instead placed his finger on the relay. The other porters were laughing at him. That was funny since you won't get shocked. So when I cranked it he said it clicked. We determined the relay was good.

I told them to wait a minute and went to get the carburetor cleaner and some tools. I removed the air filter housing and gave a couple sprays through the throttle body. Told Cisco to start it. And it started right up and died 2 seconds later. The problem was the fuel pump not giving enough fuel, I said. Tested all the fuses to see if any fuses are burnt but all were good.

I did'nt get paid for it but a thank you from them felt good.

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