Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello from Viva Las Vegas!!

Hello WORLD!! And Welcome to Las Vegas Auto Report . First of all a little of myself, I'm a Used Car Tech with ASE certifications and I work in a dealership here in Las Vegas for 4 years. I graduated from Universal Tech Inst.( UTI) in Phoenix, AZ on '05 with a Associates Degree in Automotive.

Well, this Blog is for people who needs to save money mainly on their car and whatever is going on in Las Vegas regarding cars and whatever I'm thinking in my head.

You'll get tips on fixing different car makes, about car parts, maintenance, buying a used car, simple how to do stuff on your own car,my on the job experiences on working on used/new cars, my opinions on new and used cars that I test drive, deals on new and used cars, problems you my experience on a car, safety tips, upcoming car shows and etc.

I hope this Blog will be useful. Have a great day!! Vegas Baby...Vegas!!

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