Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Porsche Anyone?? No Thank You for me!!

If you have the money to replace a $1500 instrument cluster, then you might as well buy 2 of it. Because the digital main menu display does not show clearly, meaning it is missing some letters and such. It was very hard for me to read it.

Today, I test drove a 2005 Porsche-shiiiiit Cayenne!! It had 41000 mile on it.
When I took it for a spin I slammed on the gas pedal, stomped on the brake pedal, swerved hard left and right, this is what I usually do on all the used cars I'm assigned to. I do this to find out if the car will hold up in extreme conditions and to see if any problem will happen then and there.

What I really hate about this car is... What the hell is all those symbols on the knobs on the dash means. I swear every car maker wants to be different. So in order for me to know what's all that stuff is I had to break out the thick ass manual. Obviously, this car has a shit load of stuff. I'm surprised the car doesn't have a built in back scratcher on the seat!! Or a built in massage my feet machine while I'm at a stop light. I think these ideas are good. Don't you think??

Overall, I rate this car from 1-10 a "9". Wait...wait. Let's take away 8 points because of the $1500 instrument cluster defect. So I guess it is a "1". And mind all of you it is not a warranty part!!
The used car manager decided to sell it at auction and not take the chance it will break again. I think he did a good move. But the car drove OK......for now.

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