Friday, June 19, 2009

Why does my a/c fan work only on 4 and 5 setting??

This '03 Chevy Malibu got me stumped. First, I checked all the fuses and relays connected to the a/c controls and they were all good. Then I thought the resistors were bad in the a/c control assembly on the dash. So I replaced it and the problem was still there. That cost the used car department about $400!! OOPPSSS my fault!!

I found out that the blower motor resistors was located adjacent to the a/c blower on the passenger side underneath the glove box. The resistors controls the speed of the a/c fan. I made the assumption that the resistors were located in the controls like other makes have it. I found this out by going to our online system we have on looking at all the other car makes "how to" stuff and part replacements.

So I got the part and replaced it. And yippy it worked!! Got paid for only and hour but spent about two on it. Lesson learned. Always check the online site to save time and money. Oh, and the blower motor resistor cost below $40. I could have saved the used car sales department $400 for the control unit but the got the benjamins. You herr'e meeee!!

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