Friday, June 19, 2009

You BIG dummy!!

I hate it when customers come back for a noise in their car. They think it's the suspension going out or loose.
Today, I got a '08 Chevy, 46K miles with noise in the rear. Test drove it and I confirmed there was noise from the rear. It sounded it was coming from the trunk. So I opened the trunk to find out there was a bottle of coolant and a spray bottle. I knew already that was making the noise from shifting around.

I took the bottles and placed it at the rear seat and made sure it will not be moving around and be hitting each other. Then got in the drivers seat and took off and braked hard. I said to myself, did you hear that? Nope I did not hear a thing. EXACTLY!!

Some of these customers have no common sense!! Stop wasting my time!! I don't get paid to just remove a couple of bottles out of your trunk, FUCKERS!!

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