Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hear that gurggling under the hood??

When you hear constant gurggling under your hood and you see your coolant temperature gauge creeping closer to the red, it's the radiator that needs to be filled with coolant. When you fill it up please remember to wait until the engine is cool.

If it is hot, the pressure that is built up inside will be released when you open up the radiator cap. You will definitely be sprayed with hot coolant. You don't want that!! A way to find out if it is safe to remove the radiator cap is to squeeze the top radiator hose. If the hose is hard to squeeze then there is preesure. If it is soft, then you can take off the cap slowly.

Fill the radiator till it is full. Then start your car and turn your heater on to hot, full blast the fan. This will recirculate the coolant through the heater core.

Leave your car on for at least 15 minutes until you do not see any bubbles coming out of the radiator. Try squeezing the top radiator hose to get more air bubbles out. If it is too hot, get a rag and cover it. Remember to put a container beneath the radiator, there will be some coolant spilling. Also watch the coolant temperature gauge, it should not reach the red. Don't forget to fill the coolant reservoir tank to the full line indicated.

No bubbles?? Put on the cap and you are done!!

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