Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who in the hell is driving!!

Couple days ago a customer traded in a Honda CRV. It was the older type model.
While I was test driving it I can here a squeak inside the car while I depress the brake pedal. It took me a minute to find out what it was.

On the floor of the passenger side was a brake and gas pedal!! The brake pedal on the passenger side was making the noise.
I figured this car was for a driving school. Then I had a crazy idea to drive in the passenger side. So hopped into the passenger seat and you guessed it, started to drive with my left hand and used my right foot for the pedals. It was pretty hard to drive because I couldn't take sharp corners. Mind you, this was in the dealership parking lot.

If you had seen me you would be like, what the fuck!! It was funny seeing my co-workers faces and their reaction was, What the fuck!! Who in the world is driving!!?? So I stopped by next to them to show what the car had. They were like, That's some funny shit...but dangerous!!

It was funny shit to do that kind of thing.

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