Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'08 Mecedes C300

This 4 door sedan is awesome!! It has 28K miles but runs like new. The interior is black leather and the seats are very comfortable.

Test driving was soothing. Steering and suspension was like riding on the clouds. As for the V6 motor...it has a kick too it. I really like it that the acceleration is instant to the pedal.

A scale from 1-10. I give it an 11. If I had the money I would own this model. not only id is durable, it is very nice to look at.

Some of the Technical Service Bulletins(TSB's) on this vehicle:

A/C - No Or Low A/C Cooling Performance
Steering - Leaks At Steering Gear/Hose Junction
Engine Controls - Engine Won't Start When Hot
A/C - Knocking Noise From The Glove Box Area
Electrical - Cranks/No Start/Can't Shift From PARK
Restraints - Seat Belt Catches When Pulled Out
Keyless Entry - Various Malfunctions
Steering/Suspension - Front Axle Knock When Parking
ABS/TCS - Code C220500 Set/ESP Lamp On
A/T - Hard 1-2 Shift/Hard Converter Lock-Up
Body - Noises From The Panoramic Sunroof
A/C - 'Auto' Mode Won't Turn Off When Pressing Button
Engine - Grinding/Howling/Whining Noises
Interior - Rear Seat Belt Rattling Noises
Suspension - Front Axle Thumping Noise On Bumps
Lighting - 'AUTO Lights Inoperative' Message Displayed
Emissions - MIL ON/Code 0954 Set
Body - Squeaking Noise When Opening Trunk Lid
A/C - Unpleasant Odor From Air Conditioning Vents
Restraints - SRS Lamp ON/DTC 9CFE Set
Recall - Rear Outboard Seat Belt Replacement

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