Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2005 Nissan-Datsun Truck Frontier 2WD V6-4.0L

Complaint from the customer was:

Engine turns slow, like the battery is out of juice.

First step was to test the battery. Battery tested at 11.47 volts and 14 cold cranking amps. For a good battery it should test at 12.60 volts and over 560 cca, the cca of the battery should be on the sticker on the battery.

Replaced the battery. Tested alternator with VAT-45 test machine, tested at 105 amps at 3000 rpm. Test drove car-good.

Technical Service Bulletins:

Emissions - DTC P0440/P0442/P0455/P0456/P1440/P1456Steering/Suspension - Vehicle Pulls/Drifts Left/Right
Interior - No/Erratic Seat Forward/Backward OperationTire Monitor System - TPMS Sensor Seal LeakInterior - Noise From Drivers Power Seat LifterFuel System - Erratic Fuel Gauge/DTC's P0461/P0462/P0463Fuel System - Fuel Pump Squeaking NoiseEngine - Buzzing/Whining Noise From Timing Chain AreaSuspension - Rear Leaf Spring Squeak On BumpsBody - Rear Door Glass Run Rubber Sticks OutInterior - Right Front Seat Back Rattles/Moves SidewaysEngine Controls - Engine Idle Speed 25RPM Too HighBody - Creaking Noise During Window OperationEngine - Rattling Noise at 2,200RPMEngine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P1273/P1283/P1274/P1284

Recall R0807 - Front Air Bag Impact Sensor ReplacementRecall - Potential Door Latch DefectRecall - Fuel Cap Tether ReplacementRecall 06V092000: Fuel Cap Tether Pin Replacement

Campaign - Body Control Module Repl./Sub Harness Install

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