Saturday, September 12, 2009

My car is shaking at highway speeds!!

I had a Toyota Sienna van earlier today.

First, I set the tire pressures to all the tires to 35psi. If you do not know what to set you tire pressures. Look at the drivers side door jam. There should be a sticker there showing the size of the tires should be used and recommended tire pressures.

Then, I took it to the freeway. I started to feel the van shake at 65mph. Off the bat, I knew the tires needed to be balanced.

I tried to balance the tires on the machine and it indicated the tires were bad. Mind you we replaced it before. The tires were new and the brand was HANKOOK.

Even though they are new doesn't mean they are good.

So the next step was to replace them with different brand tires. That fixed the problem.

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