Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why is my car pulling to one side??

If your car is pulling to the left or to the right.

First, you need to do is check your tire pressures on all the tires. Make sure they are all set at the same tire pressure.
If you have your tires set at different pressures then it can pull to one side.

Then, do you have different tires?? I mean, is the brand and size of the tire different from the left as to the right?? If so, then that can cause a car to pull to one side. It's because of the tread pattern is different. Always get the same brand and size when you replace your tires. And make sure the tires are facing the right direction if the tires are directional. It will show you on the side wall of the tires.

If the pressures and all the tires are the same and it still pulls to one side. Then you would have to rotate the tires. Rotate the tires from front to the back and vice versa. That should fix it. It always works for me at work.

Then if that doesn't work. Bring it to the professionals. It could be something wrong with the suspension.

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