Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Most Popular Vehicle in Henderson, Nevada

89052, Henderson, Nev. — Toyota Camry

"You drive around our town, and there's not a car over three years old," says Rick Glenn, marketing director of Henderson's Findlay Toyota, one of the top Toyota dealerships in the nation. But despite the fact that it's just seven miles from the Las Vegas strip, that's the extent of Henderson's penchant for new and flashy. Contrary to what you might assume, the most popular vehicle here isn't the Cadillac Escalade — it's the Camry. "A lot of people moved here because the cost of living in California was too high," Glenn says. "They have normal jobs and they buy Toyotas and Hondas because they're safe and dependable." Findlay sold 7,347 new and used Toyotas last year — the vast majority of them Camrys.

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