Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2005 Chrysler Town and Country with no heat blowing

It took me about two hours to find the problem!! I've checked all the fuses and relays related to the heating and air conditioning and found no problems.

I also looked at the wiring diagrams if there was any hidden relays or fuses and found nothing. Then I physically looked at the actuators of the: Blend door, Mode door and Recirculation door. They are all in working condition. But still it wasn't blowing hot from the vents.

So while I was under the dash looking at the actuators I decided to feel the hose going to the heater core that provides heat to the cabin.
The hose was not hot at all!! Funny, I was expecting to get burned.

I jumped out the car and looked at the engine bay and found the hose was bypassed from the heater core.
I think the owner did that because the heater core is leaking. I will find out soon enough when i reconnect it.

I'll be back!!

Got hoses connected to heater core and did a pressure test. Found out the heater core was leaking. Come to find out the customer just bought that van. Charged $600 to customer and had a new heater core installed.


  1. It's been 2 years, what happened.

  2. sorry been a rough 2 years. updated blog. check it out