Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to replace install throttle body 2007 Suzuki Reno L4-2.0L, DTC 2135

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Disconnect the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor connector.
  3. Disconnect the breather hose from the valve cover.

  1. Remove the air intake tube.
  2. Disconnect the vacuum hoses from the throttle body.
  3. Disconnect the Electric Throttle Control (ETC) connectors.
  4. Disconnect the coolant hoses from the throttle body
  5. Remove the throttle body retaining nuts.

Use care in cleaning old gasket material from machined aluminum surfaces. Sharp tools may damage sealing surfaces.
  1. Clean the gasket mating surface on the intake manifold.
  2. Clean the throttle body.
  3. Install the throttle body assembly with a new gasket to the intake manifold.
  4. Install the throttle body retaining nuts. Tighten: Tighten the throttle body retaining nuts to 10 Nm (89 in. lbs.) . **if no torque wrench. tighten, then turn a quarter more turn** 
  5. Connect the ETC connector.
  6. Connect the coolant hoses to the throttle body.
  7. Connect the vacuum hoses to the throttle body.
  8. Install the air intake tube.
  9. Connect the breather hose to the valve cover.
  10. Connect the IAT sensor connector.
  11. Connect the negative battery cable
  12. Fill the coolant to cooling system

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